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Tool Guides

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ScrewFast prides itself on a comprehensive range of high-grade tools and equipment. These resources are not just about delivering the performance you expect but ensuring they stand the test of time. Below, you will find a curated selection of guides geared towards helping you get the most out of our products.

Tool Guides

Machine Screws Manual

  • Detailed specifications and applications for ScrewFast’s variety of machine screws
  • Visual guide for identifying screw types and choosing the right one for your project

Assorted Screw Set Handbook

  • Instructions on usage and selection from the assorted screw set
  • Tips on organizing and storing your screw set for easy access

Tap Bolts and Nuts Catalog

  • Exploring the diverse range of tap bolts and nuts suitable for various construction environments
  • Guidelines for selecting the correct bolt size and nut pairing for secure fastening

Hex Bolts Instructions

  • Comprehensive procedures on the use of hex bolts in your projects
  • Strength ratings, threading information, and torque recommendations